Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thanks and a little Cody milestone

Thanks to all my blog readers who agreed to take part in my strange academic survey. See the post below..there is still time if you want to join the fun (she said sarcastically). Anyway, thanks!

Today is a bit of a milestone for Cody....he is off all his meds! Since his first surgery, he was on: two meds for a possible bleeding ulcer, two pain meds, a diarrhea med, a vomiting med, and an antibiotic. Plus his regular thyroid med. But this morning he had his last antibiotic, and he's finished all the courses of his meds. He's feeling good, and his body seems to have made peace with the fact that there is a catheter in it. Tim noticed yesterday that there's hair growing in on the skin covering the catheter, which is a good sign. And the wound where his catheter WAS is healing up really well.

That's probably more info than you need to know but it feels great to have him healthy (ish) again!

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