Thursday, October 30, 2008

That Face!

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Here is a picture of Cody, back from the vet yesterday. He has a bit of an upset tummy today (won't go into details why, because it is gross) and/or I'm being scammed because he'll only eat hamburger from my hand (although he did eat cookies from Tim).

He's showing some signs of Cody-ness...barking a lot, jumping up at the mention of a walk, and eagerness at the opening of the refrigerator door. When he starts humping the dog bed, we'll know he's in good shape.

Keep your fingers crossed for that!


Rachel said...

Hmmm...keeping the fingers crossed for dog humping. Yeah, I can do that! :)

Anonymous said...

Too funny. I bet I know why his tummy is upset.... Anyway, we are looking forward to seeing the tough guy -- and you guys, too -- tomorrow afternoon!

Ling said...

I just want to cuddle that sad but cute little face. Hope he feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

Go Cody!