Friday, November 28, 2008

A Perfect Beach Day!

Happy Day After Thanksgiving!

We had a quiet and mellow Thanksgiving...we watched the Philadelphia Dog Show (a tradition at our house!) and then Tim cooked a gourmet Chinese dinner. I helped a bit, mostly washing dishes and blanching peppers. Naps were taken by most of our family. A good day.

Today we roused ourselves early (no, not 4am at Kohl's early) and headed off to Florence. The weather was predicted to be OK, and we wanted to let Cody have another day on the beach while he was still feeling well, Plus, Tim took his birthday kite, since there's usually quite a bit of wind.

We left cloudy Eugene at about 9:30, headed west, and when we arrived in Florence at about 11 it was partly sunny, with no wind, and the temperature about 60...perfect winter conditions for the beach. The waves were very churny, so we walked on the beach and threw the float for Cody for a bit, then headed over to a calmer inlet for a bit more fetching. Juneau romped around and got her feet wet a few times...Cody had a terrific day.

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