Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Props to the P.O.

I've written before about how terrific our mailman is, and today I had to make the trek to the main PO to pick up a package (Wollmeise! In Veilchen! My own personal holy grail!) and I have to tell you, those PO people are awesome.

There was a pretty big line when I got there, and from what I could hear there were some really dumb people who apparently had never been in a post office in their life. The people working at the counter were kind, patient, accomodating, and never seemed exasperated or frustrated. Honestly, I would have pulled out the stamps on the top of the drawer, not given someone a notebook so they could browse and discuss stamp choices while there were 12 people in line.

Example question: Postal Patron to PO Lady: "We have trouble mailing to Do you have trouble mailing there?" Hello? Pay your postage and move on. PO Lady doesn't need to discuss troublesome mailing areas with you, and she's going to say good things anyway. Move on!
Example comment: "Gimme a couple sheets of stamps." Hello? Is she supposed to read your mind? Tell her how many, moron.

Anyway, when it was my turn I thanked my PO Lady profusely and told her how I admired all of their patience and kindness. She said to me, smiling, "see this smile? It is frozen here until 12/25." And then she told me "don't bother coming here the day after a holiday or a Sunday. The crazies come out. Wait til the next day."

Gotta love the PO People!!!

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Anonymous said...

Our postman once left everyone on our street (and others, I assume) a personal note/letter letting us know that he was going to be off the job for a while... to have some kind of surgery. I can't remember exactly what it was for. Anyway, I really wasn't sure how to react to that. I guess it was courteous to let us know he was going to be out (so we wouldn't blame him for all the screw-ups to follow?), but it was also awkward knowing that he spammed the entire neighborhood with the fact he was having surgery, which is just a little weird.

Yes, gotta love the PO People.