Sunday, November 16, 2008


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I finished this pair of socks with ArtYarns super merino. I read online that this yarn feels like cotton but wears like wool, and that really is true...they feel very smooshy and sort of thick but not really...hard to explain, but I really do like this yarn. I wish I was more in love with the colors, but honestly, I need no more yarn. For a long time. So I'm on an official yarn diet (although everything is so tempting!)

Like the Woolgirl Lace Club . I don't even like lace, but Jen at Wooolgirl has the best clubs. Seriously. So if you like lace, and you have some cash (ok, a lot of cash) to spare, go check out her lace club. And I'll just drool from afar.

It has been a pretty mellow weekend here so far, with some lace knitting (oops, I guess I do knit lace!) and some other knitting falderol, pics to come.

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