Monday, November 24, 2008


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Christmas knitting. Hmm. Always a conundrum. And the conundrum is that the people who I would like to knit for tend to not want knitted gifts. At one point my brother actually said "and don't knit me anything." Yes, he should not be eligible for gifting at all. But you know what? Better say it out loud (and live with the consequences) than not even thank me for it.

But whatever. I saw these dinosaur toys advertised in a catalogue and thought they were too cute not to make. This is the first one, a stegasaurus (and knowing me, the last one too) knit with Plymouht Boku. It still needs some ends woven in but it turned out kind of cute looking. So it is destined to be part of a gift for a lucky little elf!

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Ling said...

Love Steggy. I'm sure he'll be much appreciated!