Monday, November 10, 2008


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So I've completed three repeats of the lace pattern for the Hanami shawl. and yes, it doesn't look that much different than when I completed two repeats. But I do feel that this is a project that will, indeed, be finished one day. Not sure when! But at least it is moving along. And on Saturday, when I was working on it, I only had one time over about 20 rows when I ended up with an extra stitch. So I think I have a better handle on the whole lace thing.

It is fun to knit, I have to say. THe pattern sort of gets you into a rhythm, which I've never felt before with lace. I think it is a very graphic and linear pattern which is why this is happening. Anyway, all good.

I've done a bit more knitting on the cable peplum...still working on the back, but at least I'm at the armholes now. And I finished my ultramerino socks, and cast on for a mindless pair for Tim. More details on that soon.

Cody is done with his meds, and his appetite is coming back a little bit. He still enjoys his burger-and-eggs omelets, but for now he's eating a little bit of kibble along with them.

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