Saturday, November 08, 2008

What a Week!!

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I didn't seem to get a lot of knitting done this week....Tuesday night I was too nervous to knit, and then Tuesday LATE night I was really too excited and emotional to sleep. So Wednesday I was pretty wiped out, and now am just catching up with sleep and so with that feeling of normalcy.

I've been knitting on these socks, and I haven't showed them to you for a few reasons. First, they're just plain old socks, nothing interesting. And second, I'm not that crazy about the colors. But my friends (oop, too much McCain rhetoric this week), this yarn is absolutely wonderful. It is ArtFibers Ultramerino sock yarn, and feels absolutely incredible and is just lovely to work with. More!

Cody is doing OK...for those of you on hump watch (Rachel!) he did a few little humps on Wednesday and Thursday nights. He hasn't had an appetite, but we discovered he likes scrambled eggs, so he's been getting eggs and burger and kibble omelets this week. As you might imagine, his coat is gorgeous right now. Anyway...he seems to be ALMOST back to being the pre-surgery Cody, and so we're pretty happy about that.

School is at that point where everything a student says sets me off and I can hardly wait for the end. Four more weeks. Argh!


Beverly said...

Glad you've been able to get rest. I can sympathize. Glad to hear that Cody's continuing to improve every day.

Rachel said...

I think that's a sad state of affairs that I'm the only one on hump watch! But I am glad to hear that he has improved so much over the past week!