Monday, November 03, 2008

Why I Love Rainy Weekends with Lots of Football!

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Hey lookie! I've finally made enough progress on the Hanami shawl to show you! This is the pattern after two repeats (ie 62 rows)' I did an additional fifteen or so rows after I took the picture so it is really starting to look like something!

Oh sure, it has my fair share of 'design elements' (how did that extra stitch get there?) but so far so good. There are 16 stitches inthe pattern, so I finally realized that if I broke it down into hunks of 4 stitches at a time there is actually some rhyme and reason to the pattern.

Anyway, lots of football, sad sad football this weekend, as the Ducks lost on Saturday and the Broncos lost on Sunday (but such good knitting time!). By the Colts game last night we were both pretty over football (and lace knitting, well, actually knitting in general for the weekend).

Cody is doing better...he still doens't have his whole appetite back but he is very alert and happy, really no more sad eyes from our little guy.

Tomorrow is Election Day here in the US. Vote!! We have mail in voting in Oregon (love) and so our votes have been safely in the ballot box for a week. Nothing left but the waiting (and worrying!).

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Anonymous said...

Another thing we have in common, GO BRONCOS!!! :)