Saturday, December 13, 2008

At the risk of providing way too much excitement....

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...I give you a sleeve.

This is the sleeve to my cable vent cardigan. Not much to say about a stockinette sleeve except I went a bit overboard on the length. The pattern calls for an 18" sleeve before you get to the cap. I'm tall, and my arms are a bit longer than average, and when I held the sleeve up to my arm I decided I needed an extra inch. WEll, unfortunately I got caught up in a new DVD series (tTrial and Retribution, sort of a cross between Prime Suspect and Law and Order), and ended up adding about 3 inches to the sleeve.

This on a sweater where I'm pretty close to not having enough yarn. My amazing SIL has been helping me search for it, but nothing yet. I have some yarn in a different dye lot that I think I can use for the collar and not have it look horrid.

Anyway, I finished all my grading at 9 am this morning. I need to finish up Tim's 'handmade' gift (we always give each other something hand made), and I really want to do the newest 'must knit' scarf...the stripey ones where to different skeins of Noro are used, only I want to use some of my Kauni that is in the stash.

So what I'm saying is, enjoy the sleeve, I may not get around to #2 for a bit.

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