Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Bows

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One of our holiday traditions is to give all the animals Christmas bows. This tradition is met with mixed reactions from the recipients: the dogs tend to ignore their bows, Stella doesn't even realize it is there, and Jessie has a strong dislike for hers. Just look at the expression on her face! Within ten minutes of putting her bow on, she had already clawed it up and was not happy when I re-tied it.

I used to use that paper ribbon for bows on the cats but Jessie can get easily addicted to those ribbons and chews them whenever she finds them. Our dear departed cat Jasmine used to do that some ways, Jessie is sort of the reincarnation of Jasmine. Of course I could always skip the bows, but that would make me sad. And it just wouldn't be Christmas.

Still not a lot of knitting activity going on here: yesterday I had a conference call with a group of Green Moms who wanted to learn about the Greenwashing, those Moms knew their stuff. And then I spent much of the afternoon at the Eye doctor's. My eye doctor (Foley Vision Center in Eugene) is terrific, I always learn a lot from her, and an appointment there is always like a little spa visit. I also ordered funky (purple!) new glasses...stay tuned for those!


Anonymous said...

We used to put bows on the animals but stopped when we realized that we spent more time putting on new ones after they ditched them! Love the look on your cat's face...

Alyssa said...

You are a brave woman putting a bow on a cat! :)