Sunday, December 07, 2008

Purple? Did someone say purple?

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It has been a bit of a crazy week, so I have very little knitting to show. But what I do have is good!

This is another purple sock (no, you can't have too many) that I made out of Dream in Color Smooshy. If you haven't tried this sock yarn yet, I recommend that you do. As promised, it is smooshy, and it has a great hand.

"Great hand" is one of those Knitterati terms I've never quite 'gotten', but I can get it in reference to this yarn. It just feels darn good. Fun to knit wtih too (and I almost never say that).

I made up the is a basic sock with the middle 10 stitches on the front being this pattern: It makes a nice little ribbed cable insert that adds some shape to the sock. I did these toe up, but you could also do them top down. I think my total stitches is 52 on this sock using this yarn, but ymmv.



Anonymous said...

Very nice sock! I love Dream in Color too...

Anonymous said...

Love the color and the pattern. It makes an interesting sock. I love Smooshy too. I used it to make a shawl. It blocked out beautifully.
I think it's a well-named yarn.

Ling said...

Purple - I love purple! A purple, DIC sock, what's not to love about it!