Tuesday, December 09, 2008


It is that time of the year...no, not the holidays, end of the term! As such, a bunch of random thoughts and questions.

1. Why are doug firs so much cheaper than other types of Christmas trees? We got a 6 foot tall doug fir for $15.

2. Cody ate four truffles (the chocolate kind) that were given to me by a lovely doctoral student as a thank you for being on her committee. The truffles were in my possession about 15 minutes before Cody found them. I made a quick emergency call to the vet; luckily, 2.2 ounces won't hurt him.

3. Unless you call really, really interesting bowel movements not hurtful.

4. For some reason, I've been thinking about Christmas 2010, and thinking about making house slippers for family members that I swear I will never make gifts for, out of Cascade 220 superwash. Figured I could whip these up quickly.

5. This from the person who was going to make i-cord bracelets for some family members this Christmas, and bagged that because it would be too complex.

6. It may SNOW this weekend! I know that many places around the world do not look forward to snow, but I think it just isn't a holiday season unless there is snow.

7. And yes, I get teary at the end of White Christmas when they open the barn door!Do you?


Rachel said...

Not sure what other types of trees are available (assuming noble firs or something) but doug firs are very easy to grow, grow very fast in your climate and so more can be turned over in shorter periods of time than some of the other varieties (same reason why so many are planted on industry land--quick turnover rate for logging).

no comments on bowel movements after eating truffels. :)

2010 Xmas??? I know that time flies but did I miss a year in there or are you really thinking more than one year in advance? interesting.

Kim in Oregon said...

Rachel, indeed I missed a year. Wishful thinking maybe. The other firs they had were noble firs and 'grand firs' (which sounds like a made up name to me).

Thanks for your comment, Rachel, always good to have a knowledgeble (sp?? nature person in my blog life!

Rachel said...

Some days I don't think I'm that knowledgeable! But trust me that grand fir is not a made up name! It's another common conifer in the Pacific Northwest but normally grows on wetter sites than Doug firs.

And because you deemed me knowledgeable, I'll give you an interesting fact about them that I wouldn't have believed had I not experienced it firsthand...when grand fir trees die, they smell like cat urine. Seriously. So I've never considered them a good choice for a Xmas tree--forget to water it for a few days and you not only have needles everywhere, you have one nasty smelling plant in your house! :)