Thursday, January 29, 2009

Back to the choke zone

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This is fun, fun, fun yarn...Dashing Dachs in the Guppy colorway. Very bright and happy yarn and definitely in the choke zone. And even better, it is sportweight (which I truly love for socks...I think it is because when i buy Dansko Clogs in my 'correct' size they are always a little bit big...maybe I have long, skinny feet?) which means that I can do a sock with 48 stitches, which makes the sock go really fast.

Was that a long enough sentence?

Was it TMI?

Things are busy as usual but good. We've had gloomy weather which makes for some good work time, and my students are all doing well and seem to be fairly low maintenance. My Campaigns students are working on the glass needle project, and many of them have even started knitting. I'm pretty excited about that!

I've finished twelve whole rows on the 428 stitch sweater (row 14 is a decrease row, I think I lose 28 stitches or so on that row!! Wowee!) and it sort of looks like something (not sure what but something). And the beaded whirlpool socks are moving along and looking like something too.


Mistrmi said...

Awesome progress on all fronts --- kudos!

Sheila E said...

Gosh are in full swing!
I am excited and happy for you and for knitters are always welcome! New leads on selling...ahhh!
I love your new socks...again. This colorway is really fun!
Oh yeah...and yah Sun!