Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blue (silver) belle

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Here is the first 'hunk' of the silver belles pattern (Debbie Bliss, from VK anniversary issue) done in Berroco Alpaca. The actual color is a little deeper, but as you know I am incapable of photographing cables well.

This is the sleeve and the upper half of the left front and right back. The cable panels surround what I think is called the Trinity stitch, and the edges are in moss stitch. It looks good. I like it.

And now I'm going to cast on for the peplum, which goes from one front all the way around to the other front. And it starts with directions no knitter wants to read:

"Cast on 470 stitches".


Sheila E said...

You are Amazing!!
I am having trouble finishing a pair of shorty socks that I have had on the needles for over a month!
I hope that you are giving yourself pats on the back for all that you are accomplishing...

Anonymous said...

Yes --- I like peplums. Execpt for having to make them. The cables look brilliant, though.

Anonymous said...

470!!!! I like your ambition!