Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A bunch of stuff

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1. Happy election day! I hope the great energy and spirit of this day lasts a nice long time.
2. Sock! Springtime in London Colorway from MadTosh. Love the yarn, love the colors, and the orange and yellow gets it into the Choke Zone.
3. Request: send good thoughts to my big brother, Bart. Long time readers of the blog might remember his accident two years back where he lost some toes. On Saturday, he fell while clearing ice off his driveway and broke his hip....he's on the mend but could use a few good thoughts.
4. I finished seaming the Debbie Bliss cable peplum jacket...now just need to do the collar.
5. No progress on other Debbie Bliss peplum.
6. Madtosh yarn? I get it from Woolgirl...it has to be my favorite online knitting store. If you haven't visited Woolgirl yet please don't wait another moment!


Sheila E said...

Hail to the Chief! Happy Days!!

Lovely Healing thoughts to Bart.

You are going to have drawers Full to the brim of wonderful socks to choose from...Lucky and industrious You ;)

Beverly said...

Happy, Happy Days!

Sending a plethora of good thoughts and healing vibes to Bart.