Sunday, January 11, 2009

Catching Up

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I guess I can't put this off any longer. I really need to finish the Cable Vent jacket. Regardless of whether the sleeves are %&$ed up. Regardless of whether, if true or not, that the sleeve is a different color than the rest of the picture (and please, in the name of all things holy, let this just be a trick of the light). Regardless of whether I hate to seam.

So it took me three hours to put the sleeves in. And they look like crap. I think I can do some magic knitting trickery to make them look a little better. We'll see.

How are you? We finally got out of the rainrainrain pattern we've been in for almost two weeks and have a cloudless sunny day today. The dogs have been walked and have the muddy feet to prove it. So nice just to be outside and not worried about wet.

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And here is more to show you. You need to look kinda close to see how cool the pattern is...and this is a sleeve. This is the 'silver belle' jacket, another Debbie Bliss pattern that I will probably end up hating, but whatever. This is one of those patterns that has an intriguing construction...what you have here is a sleeve, and then you can see on the needle that I've cast on additional stitches on either side. These additional stitches will form the top part of the front and back of the sweater (i.e. one side of the front and one side of the back). Then you knit another sleeve exactly like it. Then a giant peplum (you cast on 425 stitches, seriously) and then sew it all together. It should be cool, and I should be wearing it in 2012 if I'm lucky.

Anyway, more socks to show you as the theme for this year in sock knitting is GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. Which means for me, basically, that I can't knit every sock in purple.

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Ling said...

It's a trick of the light!! (fingers crossed!) The colour looks beautiful. I hope you've managed to fix the sleeve :)