Saturday, January 03, 2009


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I finished the Blue Flame socks (remember these? The Unique Sheep dyed the yarn for me last winter after I was jonesing for socks that matched our gas fireplace). they are, in front of the actual fire that inspired them! They turned out great and I love how they pick up all the colors of the flames.

We're slowly getting back to 'work' mindset...although having a few weeks off is a HUGE perk of my job, it does make it hard to transition back to the real world. This term I teach Mondays and Wednesdays here and Monday nights in Portland...Mondays will be long days for me, but I plan to spent a lot of Monday nights in Portland so that will be like a little treat.

We watched "This is Spinal Tap" last night which I think is one of the funniest movies every made. We watch it every few years and always laugh out loud. I can't believe it is 25 years old! Anyway, Christopher Guest is a genius. If you haven't seen this, or any of his other films, get them on your Netflix Queue right away!

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Wool Girl said...

I absolutely LOVE your Blue Flame socks! What a perfect match! Happy Holidays!