Tuesday, January 13, 2009


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Not too exciting a title, sorry. Let's try again.


Yes, yes, I think that's better.

Anyway, finished these socks in Panda Cotton in the mixed berries colorway. I didn't really see the stripey pattern until I took this picture, but they look good! I like this yarn...there's a lot of bamboo in it, which is a very sustainable fiber (gotta love the sustainability thing) and even though it is a bit splitty, it is a pretty good yarn to work with.

My second class in Portland was last night...Mondays are long days. I've got to schedule some good times in Portland once I get through some major project stuff in early February.

I'm staying at a really nice hotel...the Heathman...and the UO gets a great rate. So you can get pretty spoiled. Last night, the doorman recognized me and greeted me by name. Now, there may be all kinds of hotel mumbo jumbo that get them to make some lucky guesses, but it was still pretty nice. Plus, there was a personal "welcome back" note in the room. That was pretty nice too.

A little niceness goes a long way, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

The Heathman! They have a seared foie gras I have always wanted to try there but no one will go with me.

Mistrmi said...

Hi, Kim, from another college instructor Kim! Found your blog through linkage, and am enjoying it very much.