Sunday, February 22, 2009


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So I finished the bling scarf...this is the crap yarn on beautiful needles scarf that I blogged about earlier. So glad this is done. The yarn was just a battle the whole time. I do love how it looks...with this picture you can see all the little blings and it really just sparkles in real life. But honestly, the yarn feels like straw. I'll try a nice soak, but since it is mainly acrylic I don't see much improvement in the horizon.

But it is done.

I bought two good magazines yesterday; the first issue of The Knitter and the 6th or 7th issue of Yarn Forward. Both are UK magazines, so they are a bit pricey, but they both have nice patterns...advanced ones but not impossibly so, made with nice yarns. Yarn Forward even gives you 'cheap' and 'expensive' alternatives for the yarn, which is terrific.

Mini Mochi update: another knot found, with the color pattern reversed again. I'll have enough for a sock but just barely.


Anonymous said...

I am like a bird.....I love all things shiny and/or sparkly.

rosy said...

It looks so lovely and icy ~ super for a frosty day!
I do not know 'The Knitter' but I shall be looking out for it now.
I am a very slow knitter though and still making a little cross-over cardigan for Lpip ~ guess she will be 18 before she gets it LOL!
Best Wishes

Mistrmi said...

I like the sparkly --- especially as the new header.