Thursday, February 05, 2009


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I'm delighted: that the author of "Bringing Home the Birkin" stopped by the blog and left a comment! Thanks Michael Tonello! The book is a delightful story of love, travel, and designer accessories.

I'm annoyed: with VK customer service. I haven't received the latest issue and have sent four different messages over the past ten days with no reply, even though the website promises two day replies.

i'm delighted: with the latest socks from the choke zone collection, Dashing Dachs in Guppies.

I'm annoyed: that my camera cannot adequately capture the colors.

I'm delighted: about tomorrow's Woolgirl update.

I'm annoyed: that I have to leave here at 7:30 to motor up to Portland, so I might miss it.

I'm delighted: with warm, spring like temps we've had this week.

I'm annoyed: that this means winter knitting is coming to an end.


rosy said...

Everyone is knitting socks ~ wish I could. We are needing lovely warm socks in the blizzardy conditions here in England.
I have tagged you for a meme if you have time to do it ~ it took me ages to think of 8 things! ~ but that's just how I roll!!! I've never heard that before but now I'M trying to work it into conversation. LOL
Best Wishes
Rosy in England

Anonymous said...

Aw, just crank up the air conditioning, and keep the winter knitting going!