Friday, February 20, 2009

Mini Mochi Love Hate

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So Mini Mochi is one of the new 'it' yarns. It is from Crystal Palace, and is a very soft, single ply sock yarn that knits up into nice colors that merge and blend into each other.

I started a mini mochi sock a few days ago and there are a few things I love about it. The repeat lengths is great. The yarn feels very soft to knit with, and these socks will feel terrific There are a few slubby places...thick yarn with almost no twist in it...that is sort of odd but I don't mind it. And the price is right...about $8 a ball although you'll need two balls for a pair of socks.

But right now I'm sort of hating the mini mochi. Why? Well, one of my loves is the color repeat. But right after I got through one set of colors, there was a knot in my ball...and the color jumped from red to GREEN with the knot. As you can see from the sock, this is not the 'natural' color repeat.

So I broke the yarn at the knot, wound off a bunch of yarn til I got to the 'correct' color repeat, spit spliced, and began knitting. But honestly? This put me right off Mini mochi.

I know these knots are found in other yarns (cough NORO cough) and I also had this problem with Kauni from Webs. This yarn came from Jimmy Bean's, so I'll write them and tell them about it.

STay tuned.


Alyssa said...

Someone from Crystal Palace Yarns commented on a thread on Ravelry about the knot situation (some people are finding 3 or 4 in each ball!). Apparently the first run ended up with a lot of knots and they are making sure in the future balls will at the most have only one knot or none.

I haven't found any in mine yet, but I haven't gotten through more than one ball. I do love the feel and color of this yarn!

Beverly said...

Hope the knot situation improves. The colors are really pretty.

Mistrmi said...

"Mini mochi" is fun to say --- sorry it's a pain to knit with.

And, is knitting the only field of endeavor where "spit splicing" is considered at art form, and not jst gross?

kitkatknit said...

My first and LAST experience with Crystal Palace Yarns was with their Taos a few years ago. I ordered 3 balls, all the same colorway and dyelot. One was "normal", one had way more halo and the colors were off and the third one? Halo plus the color sequence - with no knots - was way different than the other two and missing one of the colors.