Sunday, February 01, 2009

More good.

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This has been a really nice, relaxing and happy weekend...and it isn't even noon on Sunday yet!

Yesterday we went to visit Bil, Julia and the alpaca for a lovely sunny day visit. We also got to see the Dexter cows (cattle?) that were just passing through the farm...they are being traded for five more alpaca, including a fairly newborn cria. I can't wait to see the new additions!

Brownie is doing great...she was one of the first ones out of the barn to come say hi, and all the alpaca are very, very tolerant of people being around them. They'll all pretty much eat out of your hand, but prefer not to be touched (which is so hard...they are so soft and fluffy you just want to give them big hugs). We checked out the fleece on the young is really beautiful.

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Here's a group photo of all the young ladies...Brownie in the back, Sunshine in the middle, and Helena at the front. It is so fun to see them all together...they enjoy being part of the herd, but they all have their own personalities too. Helena was the most adventurous yesterday. The funniest thing was seeing how they reacted to the neighbor's cat who is hanging out in the barn over the winter. They all looked at the cat with interest and intrigue...not at all scared or worried. The cat wasn't at all scared or worried either. Animals are awesome.

Today is my Knitterversary...five years ago I taught myself to knit during an uneventful Superbowl using a Lion Brand learn to knit kit that had short, fat needles and a skein of Homespun. I've come a bit of a ways, but have a long ways to go. It does seem like much longer than five years ago. Lots of socks have travelled through our lives since then!


Anonymous said...

You taught yourself? Most extraordinary!

martha said...

happy aniversary! I've been reading you for awhile, and had no idea you started knitting 5 years ago! I'm constantly astounded by how much you can crank out- where DO you find the time?
from this ex-Eugenean, "you roll!"