Saturday, February 21, 2009


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So, the "Hail to Purple" socks are done. Go U Northwestern!

This has been a nutty week with meetings on top of presentations on top of classes on top of reviewing manuscripts. This is the first week in a long time I've had not one free moment for my own writing, and I'm feeling weary. I mentioned to one of my colleagues that I felt like the end of spring that the year should almost be over, when we're honestly just a hair more than half way done. It should get better...I only teach one class spring term, and I don't have to go to PDX each week.

In terms of writing and deadlines, I probably only need two good mornings of time to finish off what needs to be finished off in March, and I will hopefully get that next week. So I have to keep being optimistic and know that it will all be over (only 3 weeks left of class!).

So enough of my bitchin'. Got a very nice note back from Laura at Jimmy Bean's wool...I told her what happened and that I was not writing to complain to JB's, just to make sure they let the mfc. know. And as Alyssa said in yesterday's comments, they DO know. So will I buy more mini mochi? Not sure. I do love it though.

My bling scarf is more than halfway over (yay, as the yarn is so not fun to work wtih). No work on the Silver Belles but I plan to work on that during the Oscars on Sunday.

So this weekend: sleeping, reading for fun (I don't think I even READ last week), time with dogs, other various pursuits that are dull to write about but wonderful to live.

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