Sunday, February 15, 2009

Spring Bling

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Or, Crap Yarn on Beautiful Needles

So I usually don't buy really cheap yarn, because I do believe you get what you pay for. But. The last Herschnerr's catalogue tempted me with this cheap yarn called "Sequin Cloud" which is yarn that has sequins sewn in. I've drooled over Tilli Thomas yarn with sequins etc for a long time but just can't rationalize the $. So I thought I'd buy some crap bling yarn just for fun.

I made up this pattern, which is basically four garter stitch rows following by a drop stitch row (three wraps, drop two on the following row). It's hard to see the bling in this photo but look in the lower left hand corner...that bright spot, that's a sequin. The scarf looks sort of crummy in this picture but it actually is sort of fun looking.

Unfortunately, it feels like the crap yarn it is, but for a fun spring blingy scarf i'll deal with it.

I'm knitting this scarf on my new needles from Sheila and Michael ...they're clear glass, which makes you think at times (when you're tired, that is when I'm tired) that there are twice as many stitches on the needles than there really are, which is fun (especially when you realize that there aren't!). Lovely needles to work with.Certainly way too good for this crap yarn.

Did I mention the yarn, it is sort of crappy?


rosy said...

Hi Kim!
I love this scarf ~ it looks so pretty ~ and I just love the idea of knitting on glass needles ~ have never seen any over on this side of the pond!
The book we disliked was 'The Inheritance of Loss' by Kiran Desai. I am in fact still reading it! That's because I can't bear not to finish a book ~ it has to be truly awful for me to do that! None of us could engage with the characters and each chapter concentrated on only one person and whilst this does often work well it just didn't in this book. There were some pieces of writing which I felt were very well done but not enough of them for me to want to recommend it to anyone else. This month it is 'The Tenderness of Wolves' by Stef Penney which I suspect will be good. I love my Reading Group ~ there are 12 of us aged between 29 and late 60s so there is a good range of interests/likes and dilikes/opinion. Most of them are teachers (not me though!)

Sheila E said...

You made me Laugh...and that's a wonderful thing! Thank you!
I'm glad that you are enjoying your needles!