Tuesday, February 03, 2009

This is how I roll.

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OK, so I love that expression and am desperate to find a way to work it into my every day conversation. But I have yet to be able to do that, mostly because 1) I'm over 30 and 2) I don't really know exactly what it means.

However, I figured that maybe how I roll is the Whirlpool socks. Because it combines a lot of knitterly stuff that I love.

1) Wollmeise, of course. This is Am Kater Polar (or something to that effect...what does that mean, anyone who speaks german?).

2) Knitting that goes diagonally, but doesn't require YOs. Awesome! This is accomplished through ssk and kfbs, as well as a slip stitch with a bead.

3. Beads. i love these metallic beads and I love having the beads be part of the diagonal pattern.

The sock as a whole is magic, I tell ya, magic.

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The beads and the whole diagonally thing are only on the cuff, but the cool part of the sock is that the yarn patterned into stripes on the foot. I hope #2 turns out like this one did.

Today is Brain Dead Tuesday...I just can't sleep when I spend the night in Portland, regardless of how lovely the Heathman is (and it really is nice). I think I get a bit wound up teaching on Monday nights (because that is how I roll) and so its hard to relax. I should probably just get drunk after the class and just pass out (because that is how I roll) (or actually, that is how I don't roll, so it probably isn't a good idea).

So how do you roll?


Anonymous said...

thanks for mentioning my book, Bringing Home the Birkin, on your blog. enjoy and
be well!

Anonymous said...

Well, getting to sleep has never been a roll problem here. But I remember how difficult it was to wind down after teaching night classes.

Rachel said...

I don't think I am rolling this week :) Hours and hours of coding for an analysis leaves me no energy whatsoever. I'm liking your sock...the diagonal pattern with the beads is really pretty!

Sheila E said...

I too love that expression and use it whenever possible and I am WAY over 30...but I must admit my under 30 lovely daughter taught it to me.
It means good things to me....I roll with the punches....rolling into things with a swagger...being so cool that It's all good.
I have been taking it one day at a time...cause that's how I roll!
PS I love your new socks! They are such a soothing color....ah blue.