Monday, March 16, 2009

Good weekend!

We had a nice albeit very soaky weekend as a huge rainstorm came through the Pac NW. Our backyard, never a very flat or even patch of grass, now has little lakes of mud and water across it. More rain this week...this must be winter's last gasp.

On the plus side, the spring flowers are really starting to bloom. And all this rain just might keep the trees from killing me allergy-wise (although that is too much to hope for).

Friday night we went to a concert: Jay Ungar and Molly Mason. Jay Ungar wrote a lot of the music for the Ken Burns "Civil War" film and we've enjoyed the CD of "The Lover's Waltz" for years. Joined by Jay's daughter and son in law, the concert was a great mix of all types of Americana music. Hearing it live was so much better than hearing it on a CD (something you can't say for a group like, um, Duran Duran, as much as I love them).

Saturday we hung out and in the evening watched "Milk". Incredible film. It also makes me wonder...just what was I doing when all that was going on? Did I really have my head in the clouds (or in the sand) at college? Being in theatre, I knew a lot of gay men, and I wonder why they didn't discuss it more. Anyway. Rent this if you haven't seen it yet.

And yesterday we almost finished our last piece of info needed and then woosh, off they go.

Mostly I worked on the mindless sweater this weekend, finished the back and am a good portion of the way through the front. I need more photogenic projects!

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Mistrmi said...

Son, just this afternoon, watched "Milk." Loved it. I do remember it all, though I was a Senior in HS.