Tuesday, March 24, 2009

If this is spring break...

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...then I need a mulligan.

So it is cold and rainy. Yesterday there was a snow-like substance on the skylight and the windshield of the car. I'm in day 8 of the Mother of All Headcolds, which means I can only sleep in one position or my stopped up head hurts my eardrum so much that I can't sleep.

So how are you?

Tim has been gone since last Friday which, given the state of weather and head, is OK. I've spent most of the time on the sofa watching crap on TV and knitting, so at least some knitting has been done.

This is the Silver Belles peplum, I have maybe an inch or two left, and you can see that the main cable part is done. This does really look nice, even if it is an awful lot of knitting.

I uploaded pictures of my other projects (but this is as good as it gets, interest wise) so I promise there will be more to show in the days to come.

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fillyjonk said...

Well, I came back from Spring Break with a bad cold. So now I kind of wish this week was Spring Break so I could lie on the sofa and watch old movies instead of forcing myself to be up and around and trying to work.