Friday, March 13, 2009

Insert Excuse Here

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So it is the last week of classes, and after Monday night's final in Portland I'm done for a bit. I only teach one class next term and it isn't in Portland, so hopefully I won't be quite so crazed.

I finished these socks last weekend, but haven't gotten around to showing them in their final glory. Three Irish Girls, O'Meary. Nice yarn, and beautiful, saturated colors. Thumbs up on this yarn!

My Campaigns class did their final presentations for Michael and Sheila's glass business, and did a fine job. The teams really got into the knitting mindset, which was nice. I invited two knitting/marketing people to come watch: The Bon and Sheila V. and they gave great feedback. I learned a lot about logos and things (man, there's this whole lingo in graphic design which I'm totally unaware of).

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This is my newest mindless knitting is a sweater (this is the back) from "Knitting the New Classics" by Kristin Nichols. Have you seen that book? It came out in 1995 but has some lovely timeless designs in the book. The sweater I'm knitting was originally done in a boucle, but I'm using the pima cotton from KnitPicks (crayon) which is sort of bumpy, and this works because it is a reverse stockinette pattern. It's a simple sweater but the texture of the yarn makes it look good. And that yarn is so light and soft...and pretty easy to work with for a cotton. So that's going well. It will be nice to have a new little sweater for the spring, which is pretty much ready to burst out in Eugene.

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Tim found Jessiecat, also known as Princess Sleepswithyarn, on my office chair this morning curled up with a skein of handgefaerbt from Germany. She seems to enjoy the company.

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Sheila E said...

Darn Kim...I wish that I could have been in class to hear the presentations!
I look forward to hearing all about it one of these days.
Congratulations on being such a good teacher and getting the students to focus and do great work.
Happy Spring Break!!!