Saturday, March 07, 2009

OK, I admit it

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I've been spending a little bit too much time on Facebook, and when I'm on Facebook spending a little bit too much time playing Bejeweled Blitz. It is like potato chips. Just one more (minute). Anyway, I really have to get that in check.

But there is knitting going on. Here's a close up of the peplum sweater.. i think there are 26 of these cables repeated around the sweater. It's a bit of a project. Anyway, the sweater is looking good and won't be finished til next winter, which is just fine.

Next week is our final week of winter term, yay! I'll be just about all wrapped up at the start of finals week, then I'll get a week off for spring break. I only have one class spring term and that's ready to go, so I'll actually have a BREAK! With lots of knitting time. I'm excited about that.

But winter refuses to leave...there are predictions for snow showers through Monday...with no accumulation but I'm worried about all the flowers that are just starting to come up.

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