Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring? Break?

Warning: intense whining (or whinging if you're British) below. I know I am a very lucky woman with nothing to complain about, with a good job I can't get fired from, with a terrific family, and I should count my blessing every day.


This has been the worst. spring. break.ever. Weather: sucky except for today (and we took a nice walk and the dogs visited with neighbor dogs). HEalth: sucky (my head clears up a nanobit each day, and I'm so tired of stuffy, buzzy head). Work: much done (finished two conference papers, proof read a book, and analyzed survey data. But please. It is supposed to be a BREAK.)

At least spring term shouldn't be awful..just one class and no major projects to complete. Then summer break...which will be a break, believe me!

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Here is a sock I started for Tim when I realized I hadn't made him socks in a long time. Call them the guilty socks, go ahead! It's Jo Sharp Silk Road Tweed or something like that. Nice.


Mistrmi said...

Okay: "They're the guilty socks."

I've only got one class this quarter as well. And have also been stuffy and whingey this week.

The peculiar twinning continues. . .

rosy said...

Yup! I know how you feel
'Into each life . . .' and all that.
Weather is pretty grotty here too ~ boo hoo!
Hope things brighten up for you in April.
Rosy in England