Monday, March 30, 2009

Twist of Fate

Warning: no knitting content here. Just an odd little story.

So last night after dinner, Tim and I are sitting around chatting and we get on the topic of my college days. When I was in college, I changed my major every year, and still managed to graduate on time (thank you, AP Spanish credits and one year of summer school). My majors were: freshman: theatre (note the pretentious spelling), sophomore: radio/tv, junior: art history, senior: film history and criticism. So what I hadn't previously mentioned to Tim was that the reason I changed to Art History was I had sort of a crush on an Art History professor and I wanted to take a greek and roman art class with him and you had to be a major to take the class, so I changed my major.

Makes perfect sense, right? At least it did to me and to the ten Tri-Delts (yes, there were!) in the class.

So Tim asks me if I remember the prof's name (of course I do) and if I had ever googled him. Hmm. No. I've googled just about every other crush I've ever had but not him. So I got out the computer and googled him.

And now the weird part. He was fired from Northwestern because he was convicted of stealing his dead mother's social security checks. For five years. Five years after she died...apparently he didn't report Mum passed on. And after NU fired him, he filed am employment discrimination suit against NU, because he suffered from a disability: "extreme procrastination behavior."


No wonder he never asked me to marry him (joke).

What's the oddest thing you've ever found when you googled someone?


Bonnie said...

All I can say is W-O-W!!!

kitkatknit said...

So a while back I googled my BFA advisor. OMG he'd turned old and grey in the last 35 years. When did that happen?? I laughed and laughed after seeing that picture. (yes I did have just a little crush way back when)