Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Week 9

This is the 9th week of a 10 week term. This is the time of the school year when everything just pretty much gets shot to hell. Students freak. Faculty scream. Staff get cranky. It is the combination of the end of the term and the craziness of registration for next term that does this.

One of the problems with the quarter system is that we're always either Getting Started or Finishing Up. We're constantly helping students figure out their schedules, write petitions, look for jobs. Just as one group moves through another one pops up. I write rec letters til my fingers fall off.

It's all part of the gig.

So that's my excuse (oh, there is a point!) for no knitting pictures. Week 9. Yeah.


Mistrmi said...

We're week 8 here. Begging for grades, pleading for recommendations. . . Pretty much the same everywhere, huh?

strikkeforsker said...

Sigh! We are 4x7 weeks here. Actually only the dept of science has this, everyone else is on a 2 x 14 weeks semester. Imagine the bureaucracy