Saturday, April 18, 2009

A bit blue

I'm a bit down today...our student team competed at the regional National Student Ad Competition with a wonderful, wonderful campaign to curb binge drinking. They lost. They really deserved to win...and I've never said that about our ad team before.The campaign was smart, really understood college students, and has already started to work...students who saw them present their work told me so. And the team is such a lovely bunch of kids, who have spent this entire school year immersed in the project. Their strategy was smart and solid.

Ah well. Onward we go.

We watched "Happy Go Lucky" last night...thought we'd break our string of really depressing movies. I wasn't quite as charmed by the film as many people I too cynical? Do I equate being happy with lacking mental faculties? was a nice break from our usual film fare but we definitely needed a dose of The Office/30 Rock after. Tonight, back to depressing with "Australia".

I'm almost done with the second half of the sleeve top part of silver bells...less than 3" to go. I still have to do some bands but this pup is almost done! Pictures soon...but first, a paddle.

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Alison said...

That's too bad about the ad. This country needs effective ads against binge drinking!