Tuesday, April 21, 2009


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I've finished all three pieces of the silver bells. There are two pieces that make up the top half...each piece is a sleeve and a front and a back. The peplum then gets attached beneath it. Last night I finished the button bands that will frame the fronts that you see here (they extend up from the peplum) as well as the center back panel. So now all I have to do is sew it all together. The challenging part will be the peplum since it is just big and needs some easing and taking in, I believe. We'll see.

And I really want to do this because it is 80 degrees here and nothing is more tempting than an alpaca sweater in summer. She said snarkily. I think it is supposed to go back to 'spring' tomorrow or the next day (ie 60 degrees and rain) so i should just shut up and enjoy it.

Next: Rowan calmer cable sweater!


Beverly said...

This is in my Ravelry queue. Can't wait to see yours finished.

Mistrmi said...

I'm wringing the last wear out of my sweaters, as my class is in the early morning, while it's still cool. Ish.

Rachel said...

I hadn't seen this pattern before. I definitely like the looks of yours. Here's hoping you get it done before summer!