Monday, April 06, 2009

Knitting Mojo .... coming back

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Thanks for your support and suggestions for getting past my boring knitting hump. I think the terrific spring weather this weekend helped a lot, in that I was out pulling weeds and clearing out winter from our flower beds and that made coming inside to knit more of a treat. We also did our first kayak paddle of 2009, and that was good, just to get out on the water, in the sun, and work the upper body out a bit.

I actually am back to liking my knitting, and got a nice bit of it done. This is the second sleeve of the DB Silver Belles pattern, and this should be finished fairly quickly (she says, tempting the Knitting Goddess to really mess her up) and I'm enjoying working on it. Maybe it is the knowing I WON"T be able to wear it anytime soon because spring? Yeah? It's coming!

The kayak was nice yesterday...I don't think we've ever been out on the canoe canal when spring was burgeoning...we saw a lot of birds because the leaves were just coming in on the trees: we saw a kingfisher, a heron, ducks and geese. We even saw a pair of ducks sitting on a nest (we think). Also a painted turtle in the sun, which we have never seen up close and personal on a kayak. So that was nice.

In addition, we saw two fairly depressing movies: Slumdog Millionaire and Rachel Getting Married. I don't know what I thought SM would be about but it was really disturbing. and RGM...good acting but a little too indy-self-conscious, if you know what I mean.


Anonymous said...

You sound much like my son on the "Indy-self-conscious" thing.

He did, though, think "Slumdog" was one of the greatest films he's ever seen.

Rachel said...

I bet kayaking this spring was amazing!

I had the exact same reaction to Rachel Getting Married. Haven't seen Slumdog yet.