Saturday, April 04, 2009

Project Boredom

So, what do you do when you're bored with your projects?
I have actually five projects on the needles, in various states of done, and none of them gets me too excited right now. The projects are:

1-DB Silver Belles...I'm in the home stretch with this one so should just suck it up and finish.
2-pair of basic socks for Tim in Silk Road...just not pretty enough to keep my attention
3-fair isle mitts I started last summer and got frustrated with
4-pretty sock that takes a bit too much concentration to work on these days
5-hanami, see above

So what is a knitter to do? Cast on more mindless projects in pretty yarn that I want to work with? Or just plow through the bit of ennui that is happening right now? Thoughts?


Alyssa said...

Until last year I would force myself to just work through projects. Now, I'm not being as strict with myself. I do try to finish up an old WIP at least once a month, but otherwise, I knit what I want.

I say find some yarn in your stash that yells spring and knit some happy spring socks. Sunshine Yarns has an easy new pattern I'm knitting by Ann Budd. It's "Celebrate Spring" and it's loaded on ravelry now.

Pat said...

Make a game out of it and give each one a number and roll the dice, then pick that one and knit on it for a ten minutes. My mom always use to say work on cleaning your room for just ten minutes and then I would be there for whatever time it took to get it done. She was sly! :) You know, I think I will do the same thing with my UFO's.

Bil said...

I think you get in the car and come and visit Brownie!!! :)


technikat said...

I'd work on the one that's the closest to being done. Finishing something will give you a boost.

Anonymous said...

Just let them all rest for a while. Your mojo will return.

Oh, and I don't get the Parade magazine. Thank you!!!!!

Beverly said...

I tend to set them aside and find something else that excites me. I always come back to them and when I do I don't have a problem finishing them. I find it difficult to force myself to do something that doesn't hold my attention or interest.