Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shi Bui Knits Sock

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How do you say that name?

I like this yarn a lot. A lot. Nice and twisty, so twisty it is springy, it might be a cabled yarn but I really don't know. Really saturated colors. Rumor has that it is splitty but no evidence yet.
ETA: I misspoke. I think I read that it doesn't wear pills?....somewhere on the Rav.

Spring colors too.

I each one teached one today :-)...we had an auction at school with proceeds donated to Food for Lane County, and I donated knitting lessons including yarn and needles. Today my colleague Zanne had her first lesson...she knows how to knit but I taught her cast on and purl. She was pretty amazing. Good for her!


Unknown said...

I would tell you how to pronounce it, but it must be heard. Where did you hear it is splitty?

martha said...

Glad to hear you're test driving the Shibui- its held up quite well for me, but well, I didn't use it for socks! Its been washed, rewashed, scrunched up and stuffed into bags and pockets, and still looks great. It will be interesting to see what your feet do to it, if anything!