Monday, April 13, 2009

Socks and cute dog

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Tim loved the socks that I finished last night SO MUCH that he wore them today. I did get around to weaving in the ends so they're all set for wearing.

This is Jo Sharp Silkroad Tweed DK, and makes a nice thick sock, almost the texture of a ragg wool sock but a bit lighter. I only mention this in some detail because this yarn is now on sale at Little Knits for a very good price...less than $6 per ball. You'll need two balls for socks but still. It's a good deal.

Which I bring up because...hello, where have I you know that some of the sock companies are now charging $26 for a skein of sock yarn? When did that happen? It used to be that $20 was high end, then $22, and I know I've spent $24 maybe once or twice but $26? That is getting into crazy territory.

Luckily I have enough sock yarn to last me a while.

But isn't it nuts?


Mistrmi said...

Totally. Do the math, and consider paying that much for a pair of socks in a store. Highly unlikely.

Bonnie said...

$26 a skein for sock yarn. Tell me, for that price does the yarn knit itself into a sock?

Beverly said...

I'm glad I have a large sock stash. I also have a bunch of natural for dyeing. $26 is ridiculous.