Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Stubborn sock

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This is a sock that, no matter how long I knit on it, doesn't seem to get any bigger.

I think it is because I"m using size 0 needles and really skinny yarn. There are only 64 stitches but they must be 64 teeny tiny stitches.

But I decided that they'll end up being anklets, so it makes it a bit better.

I have my summer knitting list! For sweaters! And I have all the yarn on hand.

1. February Lady Sweater in Calmer (light pink)
2. a Helen Hamann (name might be wrong) sweater: interesting cables, sorta cropped, in Calmer (off white)
3. Cardigan 'cozy' from Mason Dixon Knitting in Purple KSH.
4. Clara Cardigan by Cirilia Rose in cobalt blue Rowan something yarn.

Oh, it will be a Rowan summer, won't it?

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Mistrmi said...

It may be frustrating you, but I still adore the pattern and the colors.