Friday, May 08, 2009

Finished ShiBui Socks

So I finished these shibui knits socks about a week ago...I like them. As I mentioned before, this is a nice, nice yarn, a pretty tight twist, and nice saturated colors. Nice I know is sort a lightweight word, but I can't help it. Basically, it is what all yarn should be...good colors, good weight, good feel.

I'm glad my last post helped everyone picture the sweater. We are at a difficult point in our relationship, the sweater and I. The cable pattern does not come with a chart, it is only written out line by line. So I created my own chart, but I misread one of the lines and forgot a cable cross row (row 14 of a 20 row pattern). SO...I finished the first pattern repeat (ie 20 rows) and compared my sweater to the picture, and pretty quickly saw my mistake. So frog 7 rows, and then start again.

But we are still friends. Calmer yarn, I love thee.

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Anonymous said...

Just imagine how you'd feel about CalmEST!!

(Groucho eyebrow wiggle.)