Thursday, May 14, 2009

Here's My life

Read thesis...go to thesis defense...listen to student whine...repeat a gazillion times.

I'm sort of at the thin edge of the wedge...I don't even know what that MEANS but I'm there.

Right now, I figure if I can make it til 5/22 then I have a long weekend and then it is all downhill. So that's the plan.

I knit maybe four rows last night.

But here is a question for you: have you ever taken a houseboat vacation? Our vacation 'plans' fell through (details later) and now we're trying to figure out an interesting, relatively inexpensive trip with the dogs. We've done beach houses for the last few years, and we both want something better, so Lake Shasta houseboat is being considered. We'd go after Labor Day when the crowds should be gone...although the whole thing smacks of a drunken sorority weekend, doesn't it?


Bil said...

Growing up we owned a houseboat on Lake Powell in Southern Utah. We would spend 2 or so weeks every summer on the boat. It was wonderful! You can plan great meals, sleep comfortably, have a great swimming platform, and be in the sand when you want and be out of it when you want.

Sounds like a great trip, we've thought about doing it as well!


Mistrmi said...

"Thin edge of the wedge" sounds brilliant.

What can it be made to mean?