Friday, May 01, 2009

Oh Yeah. That.

I sewed up this sweater on Saturday and then worked on the collar this week. It is hard to get excited about it because it is alpaca, it is warm, and it is warm outside too, so those two things don't mix

It also needs a good blocking, which I don't feel like doing for all the above reasons. But without blocking it makes me look chunky, and in general a peplum tends to be a little more flattering on me. I think I need to get the peplum better placed near my waist.

Regardless of said chunkiness, I must admit I love sweaters where you don't have to sew in the sleeves. I may have found my forever sweater pattern. More on that over the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Cute! And I know what you look like now!

technikat said...

Cute sweater. I'm sure some cool weather will head your way yet.

Rachel said...

Nice sweater! I've had a full sweater sitting here for weeks finished but not seamed because I dread doing the sleeves! I think I like your idea of doing patterns with that step removed!

Jeanne said...

Very nice sweater!