Friday, May 22, 2009

Pink Socks

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After several aborted attempts to photograph these socks inside, I finally realized that I could take them outside in the natural sunlight and get a picture that accurately shows their colors.

But then when I go outside, it is so bright I can't see the image before I take the picture, and hence end up with little socks in a big picture.

But then again, if this is my biggest problem today then I'm a lucky woman.

I have a little break today after some non-stop busy-ness. I had seven defenses this week (academics will understand) on top of my regular work, plus I guest lectured in a colleague's class. I had 60 student projects to grade today, which I started early and finished earlier than I thought I would, so I'm left with having to do the answer key for the final exam or goofing off. Apparently goofing off is winning.

I hope your memorial day weekend is beautiful and memorial-ble!

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