Saturday, May 16, 2009

Weekend! Hooray!

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Finished this week of two defenses, a job hunt workshop, and a social media workshop. Three weeks to week is my tough one: six thesis defenses and one comps defense. I'm trying to keep next Friday free and clear to give myself a four day 'weekend' (with 55 advertising student portfolios to grade) but still.

So, not much knitting happening. It's a lot easier to buy yarn when I'm stressed than to knit it up. My newest discover is a british dyer called "Laughing Yaffle".

I'm checking out new and relatively unknown indie dyers for a few reasons:
1. I'm not going to pay more than $22 for sock yarns ever again. Seriously. Even $20 is crazy talk.
2. Life is too short to worry about whether I'll hit a Wollmeise or Sundara update.
3. It can't be easy being an indie dyer, and it is important to support new people!
4. Given the exchange rate, british yarns (like laughing yaffle) are a pretty good deal, even with the shipping and
5. New yarn makes me happy, and new discoveries are cool, and sharing new yarn discoveries is extra cool.

Plus the picture turned out kind of fun.

Enjoy the weekend!

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Beverly said...

I totally agree with you about these new yarn prices. I've been purchase some Indie dyers at Stitches South and plan to play around with dyeing my own. I love knitting socks but it is getting very expensive.

Love your photo.