Monday, May 11, 2009


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I just checked my calendar for the last several weeks of school...

....yes, we still have school. Oregon is on the 'quarter' system, so we have classes through the first week in June. However, we don't go back til the last week in September.

...anyway...I don't have an unscheduled minute for the next several weeks (slight exageration, but only slight. And how do you spell exaggeration? Oops, two gs.). So I uploaded a bunch of pictures and will write pithy quick little blog posts for a while.

For those academics out there, in addition to my regular class, I have (coming up) 9 masters project defenses, 1 masters thesis defense, 1 comps defense, 1 dissertation proposal defense, and 2 honors college (undergraduate) thesis defenses. My head is spinning just a tiny bit.

BUt let's look at the amazing hard-to-get-your-head-around-sweater. I am about ten rows from calling the fronts 'done' and then continuing on with a sleeve. I love the definition in the cables, and that, my friends, is due to my new BYFF (best yarn friend forever) Calmer.

In fact two packages arrived today with enough Calmer for two summer tops. Yay!

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Mistrmi said...

We're on quarters, too. UGA is done and gone, and we're still plugging ahead.