Monday, May 25, 2009

Yet another in a series...

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...of pictures I take outside (to take advantage of the natural sunlight) that end up looking just plain bizarre.


Memorial Day! Traditionally this weekend is rainy and cool in the Willamette Valley, but apparently climate change is again working its 'magic' and giving us a beautiful three-day weekend: sunny and highs right around 70, which is absolutely perfect. Saturday we took the dogs for a pretty good walk along the river, and yesterday we paddled the Canoe Canal in search of baby water fowl. We saw two new duck duck mama had six and the other had eight...and they all looked fairly new to the world. We had paddled the canal two weeks ago with no signs of ducklings, and were worried that the eggs were washed away given the rainy spring we had. So we (esp. me and the big black lab in the canoe we passed) were overjoyed to see the ducklings. We also saw some goslings which we had seen on our previous trip, as well as some brand new goslings.

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The socks? A basic sock in Yarn Pirate yarn, label long gone, it might be the 'I Want Candy" colorway but I'm not sure. I like the yarn, I think it has tencel in it, but I"m not sure. Sense a theme here?

The garden this year is absolutely gorgeous. The irises are in bloom now, and this is one of my favorite ones (someone needs to do a yarn colorway using these colors...cream, purple, peach and just a few flecks of orange. Anyone?). This one smells like a creamsickle. Yum!

So today the plan is to take the dogs for a little swim. Cody has been a little on the 'down' side this past week (lack of appetite, not energetic, limping during walks) but has been feeling good over the weekend, and he loves a good swim. And it has to be good for him, at least for his little puppy soul.


Mistrmi said...

I can never tell anyone about the yarns I use. I buy them, take the labels off, and never look back.

rosy said...

yes it IS Blackadder ~ thank you!
have you seen this series? it's just the funniest thing! There were 4 series altogether and they just got better with each one. I think it IS very British humour because you need to know a bit about our history to really appreciate it fully. If you haven't seen it I would thoroughly recommend it! Frankie gave me the boxed set one Christmas and I watch it at least once a year!
also, thinking of wool dieing, have you seen this blog:
Sarah is lovely and is a sort-of-relative-through-marriage
Best Wishes
Rosy in England