Saturday, June 20, 2009


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I went to BSG at opening time yesterday and spent a little bit of money. Just a bit though :-). Here are my overall thoughts on BSG.

1. I love these two colorways from Dicentra Designs. I've heard of this dyer but I don't think I've bought anything from her. The one on the left, Pellenor, is very reminiscent of Wollmeise imho. The one on the right, Colorwheel #7, is her 'nova' yarn. These are both 100% superwash wool, and have 383 yards. And guess the price? Go ahead guess.

2. $16. YES!

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3. I made a promise to myself not to spend more than $20 on a skein of sock yarn, and I was pretty surprised at the number of indie dyers...that I've never heard of before...that were pricing their yarns at $28. Not sure if that is a good strategy or not.

4. Lots of natural colored rovings, but I went for this purple roving from Oregon Trail Natural Fibers in Clackamas. Believe it or not, I have no purple roving in my stash.

5. To the left is 3 hanks of hand dyed spun silk in a purple that matches very nicely. This is from The Fiber Addict in Donnelly, Idaho, and the owner (Mary) recommended spinning the silk in with wool. Which I love as an idea.

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6. Mary at The Fiber Addict was also selling these 350 yard hanks of superwash. I think what I might do is hold two strands together while knitting, for a it would go from solid red to red/purple to solid purple to purple/blue to solid blue. Could look great. Great price too: $4.25 per hank so pair of socks for less than $13.

7. Fewer vendors, I think, and many vendors seem to have brought less product. There were more vendors outside in tents, though, so maybe I'm wrong.

8. I do think there were fewer animals being shown though.

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9. Of course the busiest booth was the Socks the Rock booth. What I love about the BSG is that the STR ladies bring mill ends...skeins with little boo boos, that they sell at a greatly reduced price. HEre are two medium weights in two purply colors (that have to end up as some type of sock, don't you think? together?) and what I think might be a mill end of their flamingo colorway, but that could be Lorna's Laces.

10. I didn't even look at the rest of the booth at STR, because I was trying to keep to my '20 or under' rule.

11. There was a lot of alpaca stuff there. Not so tempting when you have your own source.

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12. I've bought stuff from Stitch Jones online, but was excited that she was there as a first time vendor. She's lovely, with great yarn at good prices.

13. This tomato colored yarn is called 'Salmon Dave' and is 400+ yards for the magic price of $20. I hope she has a good show.

14. I think some of the vendors were a bit worried about crowds, but I saw lots of out of state license plates in the parking lot and hopefully that bodes well for the Gathering.

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Finally, I had a great visit with Sheila and bought a new orifice hook, as I've given all of mine away as thank you gifts to various people. So I bought a new one, think and sleek and just gorgeous.

Sheila and I are cooking up a surprise for the Sock Summit!!! Sheila and Michael will be vendors and want to do something really, really special for the Summit and I agreed to help. I won't spill the beans but will give you little hints as we move through the summer to the Summit!


Ling said...

Love all your purchases! And that's a great plan to only spend $20 per skein.

Sheila E said...

It was Great seeing you at Black Sheep! Loved having a visit.
I am very much looking forward to making our plan come true....
I'm glad that you have a new orifice hook... and thanks!