Thursday, June 18, 2009


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The lace leaf top is going along just fine. I have finished the waist decreases and now am doing the 'middle' part, followed by some increases and then it should all come together! I do love this method of construction...who does not love seamless knits?

And the color, while not my first choice of colors in any situation, is growing on me too. I have my colors done *&^ years ago and this color is actually one of my 'swatches' I know it will look good on me. It is a good color for summer.

I knit some yesterday on the Hanami (yes, I am absolutely going to finish that this summer) and then was distracted because: we have a Wii! Yesterday was our anniversary and I gave Tim a Wii. He gave me a beautiful watch and necklace. I clearly got the better end of the deal.

So we have the Wii sports disc and we also have Mario Cart...what else do you recommend for the Wii? I don't think we're Guitar Hero type people, and no first person shooter games, but let us know what you've found that you like!


Bil said...

Wii Fit is very fun!!!

execudiva said...

We have the Wii fit too, and love it. We mostly use it for the skiing and we have a snowboarding game that is a hoot!

My daughter loves Animal Crossing - but she is 9, so I don't know what adults will think. :-)

Ling said...

Love the lace leaf top and I think the colour is gorgeous. I want one too!!

We have a Wii and the kids LOVE it. The Wii family Trainer is good fun, comes with a mat and has tons of activities like trampolining, kayaking, snowboarding... Also, Shaun white snowboarding is good too. The kids love Wii Music, Samba di Amigo and Guitar Hero.

Minh said...

Sorry I'm late, Happy Anniversary!

Just asked DH who recommended "Super Mario Galaxy" and "Wii Play".