Monday, June 01, 2009

Over the Rainbow

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I used to belong to lots and lots of sock clubs.

And then I sold a bunch of those socks in a Rav destash.

Important lessons learned: we sometimes share taste with another person, we sometimes do not. Tread carefully in the Sock Club waters.

So now I belong to the Woolgirl Sock Club and to the just-finished Wollmeise Sock Club (I wonder if she'll do another). I also signed up for some of Woolgirl's "Wizard of Oz" inspired kits, and now I really wish I had signed up for them all.

This is "Over the Rainbow", filled with rainbow yarn, a journal, and various other 'over the rainbow' themed goodies (including Skittles!). So fun...and such a nice happy thing to find in the mail today.

It looks like the Oz kits are sold out, but check out other clubs from the amazing Jen at Woolgirl.


Ling said...

I love sock clubs and I rarely knit socks! I love the Wizard of Oz pakage. Hope ou have fun with it!

Mistrmi said...

That is seriously cute.

Alyssa said...

I totally agree with you about sock clubs. I'm down to Lucky Lurkers, Wollmeise (she annouced she won't do another), and the whole Oz series. Why is it I live 30 miles from Woolgirl, but my kit is not here yet? I want it now (stomping feet)! :)

Beverly said...

That's why I'm afraid to join one. My taste can be difficult to suit.

Your "Over the Rainbow" package is to die for. This would make me reconsider.

rosy said...

Oh! I clapped my hands with glee when I saw your post about 'Blackadder'. Hoorah! I'm so glad you are enjoying it. It became cult viewing over here in the 80s/90s. And when the Berlin Wall came down it was revealed that someone had written 'Baldrick has a cunning plan' on it!! LOL
When you have watched the very last scene of the very last episode (Blackadder goes forth) please let me know what you think?
Best Wishes
Rosy in England